Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mozilla Bangladesh Maker Parties 2014

Maker Party is Mozilla's global campaign to teach the web. Through thousands of community-run events around the world, Maker Party unites educators, organizations and enthusiastic web users with hands-on learning and making this year from July 15 - September 15. The season has been began and lots of party pictures and news are coming at social medias. Mozilla Bangladesh also celebrating Maker Party season 2014 with at least 20 Maker Parties around the country arranged by community members.

Community members are promoting Webmaker from so long and they arranged lot of Webmaker events around the country. But we have noticed, there are some misconceptions about Webmaker projects and its goals among community members. As a result we experienced limited knowledge transfer, lack of community practice on makes and Webmaker tools. Sometimes we found the core values are missing at Webmaker events. Even missing Make!

In 2014 Mozilla Bangladesh community wants to reshuffle the whole Webmaker efforts and utilize the maker party season to spread the ideas, philosophy and values to the community members and as well grow the maker community. To do this we did series of online meetings with community members to identify the problems and fall backs of previous efforts. And decided to arrange as many as possible but at least 20 Maker Party around the country to spread Webmaker. We make an open call to community and we got more than 30 community members who want to arrange more than 30 maker parties at their home or universities with their friends, family members and colleagues. We suggest them two types of event and activities for their parties. Kitchen party for small size party with friends and family members. Hack Jam for medium size parties. Activities are open to hack for party owners.

For this year maker parties, we are encouraging participants to making things with the Webmaker tools at their maker parties and share them with others through social media. People will learn there about web, how it works and make the web with the Webmaker tools. We suggest them to make something related to our culture and heritage, specially about the hand made things which are important part of our culture but we are loosing them due to modernization. That is why the #tag for all the parties and makes is #BanglaMake14. You can find all the related activities with this hash-tag at social media and webmaker.org.

As the season began, parties and makes are coming out. More parties are coming next. If you want to join a maker party find one around you. If there is no party around you, let's host your own party. Let's Teach, Learn and Make.

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